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CX is Changing. Learn How Omnichannel Marketing Makes All the Difference

We all need to shop, whether for clothes, groceries, toiletries, or any other of the millions of things that people buy every day. Chances are, in the course of shopping, you’ve experienced something like this: you’ve been thinking about buying a pair of sweet sneakers, and you see an ad for them pop up online. Then, you see an endcap display of the same sneakers in a store. Next, you see them again in a retail shopping app. Every time you see the kicks, you get a little bit closer to purchasing them. 

But what if one of those experiences was inconsistent with the others? What if the ad was slightly off-brand, or the price kept increasing? Issues like these could ultimately turn you off from buying the shoes. That’s why offering up a seamless, cohesive shopping experience across all channels, including online, mobile and in-store (you know, an omnichannel experience) is so critical. 

Omnichannel Customers Spend More Money 

Over the past 15 years, the number of touchpoints consumers use before buying has tripled from two to six on average.1 What makes this significant is that omnichannel buyers (in-store and online) spend 1.5x more than single-channel buyers, and are 3x more loyal than digital-only customers.2 Plus, 71% of consumers expect customized experiences.3 When companies get it right, they typically generate 40% more revenue. 

It’s about convenience, too. With so many ways to shop, each consumer will have their own idea of what convenience means—this could change by their mood or day of the week. Companies need to stay present and consistent everywhere their customers are browsing, shopping and interacting with their brand. Omnichannel strategies provide customers with greater shopping flexibility and increase the likelihood of capturing a broader audience, ultimately leading to increased spending. 

Customers also need to feel seen and appreciated. This is done by providing accessible, personalized omnichannel content. When customers feel like you know and understand them, they’ll have a more enjoyable shopping experience—which in today’s retail environment is essential. In fact, 88% of consumers say a company’s CX is as important as its products or services.4 When customers enjoy shopping for, purchasing and receiving your products or services, they’re more likely to stick with your brand. Less friction equals less churn. Digital-only customers churn after only 1.3 bad experiences, versus 4.2 for omnichannel shoppers. 

And finally, omnichannel integrated with data analytics will provide deep insights into customer preferences and behaviors. These insights can inform personalized recommendations specifically tailored to a customer’s interests, inspiring shoppers to spend even more. 

PR1 Helps You Meet Customers on Their Journey—Anywhere and Everywhere 

PureRed’s omnichannel platform, PR1, is a global, channel-agnostic promotion and pricing engine that serves personalized, highly targeted offers. By taking a single offer and distributing it on multiple channels simultaneously, retailers can reach customers exactly where they are on their journey. That means offers are rendered in-store and over digital with the same messaging and visuals, for a totally seamless experience. 

PR1’s digital-first approach (supported by a robust AI engine) reduces friction by ensuring customers get the right offer, at the right time, with the most up-to-date info for a superior shopping experience. 

Real-time price and product availability updates can be pushed to omnichannel through an open API, ensuring customers are always met with the best possible deal. PR1’s powerful personalization engine and loyalty integration helps increase loyalty engagement and will reduce churn. 

And finally, PR1’s strong data intelligence and analytics integration provide better business intelligence to drive personalized experiences for consumers and provide better data to meet market needs for the business to make informed decisions and be more proactive.  

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